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Who is Deryck Richardson

A Passionate Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and More

Deryck is the president and CEO of Richardson Marketing Group, LLC and a serial entrepreneur. In 2019, Deryck became a published author which added to his demand as a motivational speaker. Born in Westerville, a suburb of Columbus, Deryck has been a lifelong native of Central, Ohio. Deryck has a long track record of leading by example and motivating people to “level up” in whatever adventure they are facing.
Deryck has held a variety of roles and titles throughout his career. However, the first thing his friends and family will tell you is that he has never forgotten where he comes from or who he’s always fought for. Deryck gained invaluable experience as a special education teacher focused on the development of life skills of high school aged kids on the high functioning end of the spectrum of Autism.
Using an untraditional approach, Deryck used vocational and business lessons to show his students how to become independent as they transitioned into adulthood. When Deryck stopped teaching, he promised to never stop impacting the lives of future generations. He sits on several boards including a private school and a community youth club, where he is not only the president but also the director of Basketball Operations.

As a Business Leader,

Deryck has proven he can motivate and train individuals at very high levels. Richardson Marketing Group was voted the #1 Best Place to Work in Columbus, Ohio (10-25 employees) according to Columbus, Business First. Employees enjoy excellent pay, a full benefits package, ping pong, foosball, video game nooks, and a relaxed dress code. With elite training and continuous education and coaching, Richardson Marketing Group is much more than a fun place to work. Deryck truly provides a career opportunity that will take the right individual to the top.

Committed to Impacting the Masses and Driving Change in Our World

Deryck has set his standards high, and will not stop fighting until a proper balance has been reached. Deryck is very active and an influencer in local political arenas and plans to become an elected official in the next few years.
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“Local government is where changes are made,” says Deryck, “And I want to be right in the thick of positive change for my neighbors and friends.”

Deryck's podcast is now available on Spotify and can be found here.

Deryck and his wife Desiree have four children: Alex, Luis, Kyahnna, and Caleb. They also have three grandchildren by the names of Genevieve, Gwendolyn, and Javier.

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Learn About Deryck's Teachings

Go Play Book Cover

GO PLAY: The Ultimate Road Map to Winning the Game of Life

GO PLAY: The Ultimate Road Map to Winning the Game of Life is an inspiring book on motivation and mindset. As a child, we are taught to "Go Play!" No instructions are needed to figure out how to get this done. Why, as adults, do we make things so difficult?

With chapters on attitude, setting goals, letting go of the past, making proper decisions and more, Go Play is sure to be an excellent read for those looking for self-development resources.

The Business Cheat Code By Deryck Richardson

Deryck Richardson, published author, serial entrepreneur, and president and CEO of Richardson Marketing Group, shares insights on how to maximize your customer acquisition efforts and increase overall revenue. With episodes on lead generation, sales process, employee satisfaction, and more, any business owner will surely benefit from the tips and tricks that Deryck shares.

Inspiring Wisdom: Deryck's Speech at the Ohio Dominican University

Deryck Richardson, a Westerville native, Ohio Dominican University alum, and CEO of Richardson Marketing Group, shared his insights during a recent speech at his alma mater. He emphasized the importance of hard work, positive thinking, and the interconnectedness of success. 

Deryck, also an author and serial entrepreneur, highlighted key messages from his book 'Go Play! The Ultimate Roadmap to Winning the Game of Life', focusing on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the significance of learning from every situation. He introduced the CLAP acronym (Current, Like, Alter, Proceed) as a method for assessing and improving one’s life circumstances. 

Deryck's speech concluded with a powerful story about the wish of 'enough', emphasizing the balance of life's joys and challenges. His words inspired students to embrace their journey with determination and purpose.

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